Jackson Staxx 2021
Jackson Staxx 2021

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Jackson Staxx 2021

Top-end performance and design in an economical package..? We’ve got you!

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The Staxx was designed by Tony Lee – the same leading designer who brought you all of Jackson’s classic performance kayaks.

This kayak doesn’t stop at the end of your stroke – it glides on! The Staxx doesn’t skimp on comfort, offering an incredible kayaking experience versus others in its class.

The Staxx also has the convenience of easy storage with a folding seat back that allows it to be stowed away or stacked.

This boat is made for families who need a fleet for their own adventures. It comes ready to be customized with gear tracks and a unique Fishing Kit capable of turning this ride into a fishing machine.

Most importantly, the Staxx gives you the REAL kayaking experience at an economical pricepoint.

Jackson Kayak prides itself in bringing new kayakers to our community, and the Staxx does just that!


10 ft 8 in


33 in


350 – 375 lbs


64 lbs

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