Jackson Big Tuna 2021
Jackson Big Tuna 2021

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Jackson Big Tuna 2021

The Big Tuna is one of Jackson’s largest capacity fishing kayaks, with the unique ability to paddle as a tandem or solo kayak, making it the perfect family model.

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Boasting more than thirty seating configurations, it is versatile for any number of activities – fishing, hunting, recreational exploration, etc.

Seat can be reversed for unique ‘FaceTime seating’, helpful when fishing with young children.

The Big Tuna is at home across a diverse variety of waterways including lakes, rivers, inshore saltwater and even offshore fishing.

The unique Tuna Tank in the center of the Big Tuna can be used as dry storage or converted into a livewell for bait.

Rod tip protectors and unique geometry on the deck make tucking rods away safely a snap, and the small day hatch on the bow is perfect for stowing snacks, keys, cameras and other small items.

Comfortable Hi Lo Ergo Seat features the MOLLE system on the rear panel, allowing you to add any of our MOLLE accessories such as medical kits, water bottle holders and more.

With a variety of positions available in both solo and tandem positions, you can adjust the trim of your boat as needed.

Large rear tankwell offers access to in-hull storage, and the pad eyes on the stern are ready to accept a drag chain or anchor line.

Two flush mount rod holders are great for trolling, and bungees on either side of the kayak make for easy paddle staging.

Whether you’re guiding your child, a significant other, a client or a friend, the Big Tuna is an ideal way to introduce anyone to the beauty of kayak fishing.


14 ft 2 in


35 in


500 lbs


102 lbs

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