Distill Sanitizing Elixir
Distill Sanitizing Elixir

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Distill Sanitizing Elixir

Introducing germ-fighting solutions that look as great on your counter as they work at fighting germs.

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This luxury, hand-crafted sanitizer touts a potent 80% alcohol recipe (the FDA recommends making a sanitizer with at least 80% ethyl alcohol for use currently—so that’s what Distill did.)

Presented in a display-worthy heavyweight glass spirits bottle with pump, it’s infused with amazing-smelling, pure essential oil. It leaves you feeling practically exhilarated.

This silky liquid (non-gel) solution is GMO free and contains no phalates, parabens, gluten—no nothing you don’t want.


  • Sanitizing Elixir for Germy Hands
  • Infused with Rosemary and Mint Essential Oils
  • Spirits for Cleanin’, Never for Drinkin’
  • Made with Love in Alabama
  • 80% Alcohol per Volume (160 proof)
  • 375 Milliliters of Muscle
  • Upcycled and Distilled from Corn
  • Hard-core Sanitizer in a Beautiful Bottle
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