Jackson Bite FD 2021
Jackson Bite FD 2021

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Jackson Bite FD 2021

The Bite FD is a pedal kayak that is designed from the water up to provide you with top performance without requiring a lot of maintenance.

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Bite FD focuses on three key factors: power, propulsion and steering.

The deck offers unbelievable stability for sitting or standing.

The front and rear both provide impeccable storage space to haul all of your gear and they feature durable bungie cords to keep that gear secure on your wildest adventures.

We’ve also included gear tracks for you to easily attach your accessories and customize your kayak the way you want.

The Bite FD is packed with efficiency, comfort and versatility that will make adventures more convenient for any water enthusiast!

From bow to stern, the Flex Drive 3D delivers unparalleled user versatility, efficiency and convenience on the water.

Designed from the water up for maximum performance, intuitive use and ease of maintenance, the Flex Drive 3D empowers anglers, sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts to get closer to the action.


11 ft 6 in


35 in


400 lbs


96 lbs

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