Bending Branches Angler Scout
Bending Branches Angler Scout

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Bending Branches Angler Scout

The paddle designed to take on abuse while improving the fishing experience with a 40-inch tape measure and hook retrieval system.

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Built to take tough knocks, the Scout provides beat-it-up durability at a wallet-friendly price with epX engineered polymer blades and ovalized, aluminum shaft.

Built in hook retrieval system.

Tape measure on the shaft is a sizing guide, allowing you to verify your catches on the spot.

Snug-fitting 3-hole snap-button ferrule is adjustable for feathering angles 0° & 60° (L or R).

Shaft Material: Aluminum

Blade Material: epX Engineered Polymer, Fiberglass Reinforced

Blade Size: 6.9 x 17.5 in. (18 x 44 cm.)

Blade Surface Area: 95 sq. in. (613 sq. cm.)

Weight: 36 oz. (1021 g)

Ferrule Angles: 0° & 60° (L or R)

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